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TYLER & TYLER Capsule Negroni Time Anytime Cufflinks


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TYLER & TYLER Capsule Negroni Time Anytime Cufflinks.  High Quality die-struck hand-enamelled cufflinks.  Bright silver anti-tarnish finish. Unique TYLER & TYLER signature T-bar fitting.  Made in Birmingham, England.

To achieve the look of the lead crystal glass and liquid of the Negroni  we have used an enamel technique known as Guilloché enamelling. This clever technique uses metal line detail under a translucent enamel - pretty cool hey!

Supplied in stunning TYLER & TYLER presentation gift box.

The cufflinks provide the perfect sartorial touch to any double cuff business shirt.

Size: 1.8cm diameter  Metal Thickness: 0.4cm

Material: Brass


Batch 1 Pre-order is now closed (closing date 19/06/21).

We still have a quantity of cufflinks left from Batch 1 which you can now order whilst stocks last. 

Pre-order opened on Saturday 10th July 2021 as a thank you to our customers pre-orders were given 15% discount.  The pre-order window closed on 19th July 2021, after this cufflinks not reserved went to full price.


The Negroni is without doubt Team TYLER & TYLER’s favourite drink.   

This famous cocktail couldn’t be easier to make.  3 ingredients – Gin, Campari and Vermouth -mixed in equal measures.

Although it is intended to be an aperitif it can be enjoyed anytime!!

The most common story about the origin of the famous Cocktail dates back to 1919, where it was created in Caffe Conosni, Florence Italy.  Legend has it that Count Camillo Negroni wanted to make his Americano stronger.  He asked the bartender, Forsco Scarselli to replace the soda water with gin.  The garnish was also changed from lemon to orange to compliment the three ingredients better.

The Negroni has certainly become the go to drink all our friends around the world involved in the Menswear Industry.  Many are consumed when we all come together twice a year for the Mecca of Menswear, Pitti Uomo Trade Show, Florence.

The enthusiasm for this wonderful drink has now spread out to become the symbol of friendship and comradeship for all fans of menswear and men’s style.  To celebrate this fact we are proud to announce the launch of our TYLER & TYLER Negroni Time Anytime Luxury Cufflinks.

The Negroni cufflinks have been designed by Richard Tyler and will be produced in limited batches.  Producing the cufflinks in limited batches helps our efforts to be sustainable manufacturers.  We are strong believers in buy better, buy less.  As we have done since 1908 each individual cufflink will be traditionally die-struck, hand-enamelled and hand-finished by our Team of skilled craftspeople in our Birmingham, ENGLAND factory – meaning that they will be part of your wardrobe for many years to come.


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