Blazer Buttons

TYLER & TYLER Metal Blazer Button Collection.

The TYLER & TYLER Metal Blazer Button Collection is proudly designed and made in-house by us in our Birmingham, England Factory.

Although TYLER & TYLER was established in 2008, the family-controlled manufacturing company behind us has a history of over 100 years and has been making Blazer Buttons for all this time.

Today the Blazer, whether it be double-breasted or single-breasted has become the sartorial wardrobe staple for every stylish gent.

What’s fantastic about the TYLER & TYLER Blazer Button Collection is you can buy an off-the-peg single or double breasted blazer – purchase the TYLER & TYLER Blazer Button Set of your choice then pay a alterations shop around £15-£20 to have the buttons added to your jacket – giving the jacket a touch of your personal flair and making most style admirers think the jacket is bespoke tailored!

Of course, if you are going down the ultimate sartorial route of using a tailor to make your jacket or blazer, buy a set of our blazer buttons for your tailor to use.

All of our beautiful TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons are individually Die-struck and finished by hand.  The Collection boasts a wide variety of button designs in a stunning selection of finishes: Dead Gilt and Burnished, Antique Silver, Bright Silver, Bright Gilt and Hand-enamelled.

All TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons are available in Single Breasted and Double Breasted Sets, meaning that you can really add a touch of personal style to your Blazer.

TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons are the ultimate luxury mens’ fashion accessory that every stylish gent should own.  TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons are made to last helping your sustainable fashion wardrobe.

Each set is presented beautifully in a TYLER & TYLER Gift Box.

TYLER & TYLER Blazer ButtonsTYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons

32 products

32 products