Lapel Chains

TYLER & TYLER Lapel Chains are the ultimate Luxury Men's Accessory for the Gentleman with true flare and style.

Lapel Chains were worn by Gentleman to hold their pocket watches.  Men originally carried their pocket watches in their waistcoat pockets with a chain attached to the button hole.  In the mid-19th Century as the trend for men wearing waistcoats came to an end they simply carried their pocket watches in the breast pocket of their blazer or jacket with a chain attached to the lapel button hole – this is how Lapel Chain was born.  The Lapel Chain was a common accessory of British Military Officers in the Great War.

In today’s world pocket watches are rarity so where the watch would have been attached on the Lapel Chain now sits a charm, which simply weighs the chain down in the wearer’s breast pocket.  The charm at the other end of the chain sits in the lapel button hole.

TYLER & TYLER are proud to offer this stunning collection of die-struck and hand-enamelled Lapel Chains.  All TYLER & TYLER Lapel Chains are designed and manufactured in-house in our Birmingham, England factory.  Supplied in beautiful TYLER & TYLER Presentation Box.

7 products

7 products