Since hitting our screens Peaky Blinders has captured the attention of people all around the world.  It has had an undeniable huge effect on Menswear and Men's Fashion - seeing the addition of baker boy caps and 3 piece suit to many a gents wardrobe.

Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham, the home of TYLER & TYLER.  We are proud of our home City's industrial heritage.  Long known as "The City of a thousand trades", Birmingham played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution.  With its captivating cinematography (Crime elements aside) Peaky Blinders really portrays Birmingham's manufacturing power during the 1920s.  Interestingly the real Peaky Blinders were active in Birmingham in the 1890s.

Tipping our cap to Peaky Blinders we designed our TYLER & TYLER Capsule Get Peaky Accessories Collection.  The razor blade design is indented with our T&T Motif and the words "MADE IN BRUM".  The word Brum is the the local dialect for "Birmingham".

On this page you'll also find our favourite TYLER & TYLER Tie Clips, Pocket Squares, Knitted Ties and Bow Ties to really finish off your Peaky Blinders look.

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12 products