The Story of the Blazer

TYLER & TYLER Luxury Metal Blazer Buttons.  There are many stories surrounding the origins of the Blazer Jacket.  In our book there are only really two stories that seem to be the most authentic.

Story 1 – The Boat Club of St. Johns College, Cambridge – The Lady Margaret Boat Club was found in 1825.  Members of the club wore a bright red flannel jacket when competing in regattas in order to identify themselves.  As the red colour of the flannel blazed they named the jackets blazers.  Soon many of the other Colleges followed the practice and so came the birth of the Rowing Blazer.

Story 2 – In 1837 to honour a Royal Visit by Queen Victoria to his ship the Commander of HMS Blazer created a new crew uniform which consisted of a double breasted jacket embellished with Metal Royal Navy Buttons.  Queen Victoria was very taken with the uniform and it became uniform for the entire Royal Navy.  From then on the style of jacket became known as a blazer taking its name sake from HMS blazer.

As proud British Manufacturers of Blazer Buttons we at TYLER & TYLER like to think the Blazer came to be from The Royal Navy.

Today the Blazer, whether it be double-breasted or single-breasted has become the sartorial wardrobe staple for every stylish gent.

Although TYLER & TYLER was established in 2008, the family-controlled manufacturing company behind us has a history of over 100 years and has been making Blazer Buttons for all this time.

TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons Lion and Crown Large and Small

We launched our first collection of TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons to a fantastic reception at the largest Menswear Show in the World – Pitti Uomo, Florence, Italy in June 2019.

TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons Anchor Enamel Large and Small

What’s fantastic about the TYLER & TYLER Blazer Button Collection is that a guy can buy an off-the-peg single or double breasted blazer – purchase the TYLER & TYLER Blazer Button Set of their choice then pay a alterations shop around £15-£20 to have the buttons added to their jacket – giving the jacket a touch of their personal flair and making most style admirers think the jacket is bespoke tailored!

TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons Lion and Coronet Emamel Large and Small

There are 29 designs for you to choose from in the TYLER & TYLER Blazer Button Collection – ranging from sporting to nautical.  Our Blazer Buttons come in a variety of finishes Dead Gilt and Burnished, Gilt and Hand-Enamelled, Gilt, Silver and Hand-Enamelled and Antique Silver.

TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons Golf Pin Enamel Large and Small

Each Blazer Button is die-struck and hand-finished in-house in our Birmingham, England factory by our skilled team of craftspeople.

Single Breasted Blazer Button Sets: £85.00

Double Breasted Blazer Button Sets: £105.00

TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons Three Lions Antique Silver Large and Small