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Re: The BIG HELP Sale!

My name is Richard Tyler.  I am one of the founders of TYLER & TYLER.

This is a very transparent letter from me to you.

If you have followed the brand for some time you will know that we only started selling directly to the public in 2018.  Prior to this when I started TYLER & TYLER with my brother Jonathan in 2008 we only sold to retailers.

In the very early days of TYLER & TYLER we were fortunate to be taken on by some big retailers and world famous UK standalone department stores.  Part of their terms of us supplying them were that we were not allowed to sell directly to the public ourselves, hence why we didn’t have an online store for some time.

From 2011 to 2016 we supplied the UK’s largest chain of Department Stores and TYLER & TYLER was retailed in all of their stores.  The relationship started incredibly well and they really championed us as British manufacturers.  Season upon season, year upon year our sales figures with them grew.  However, with our success they became harder and harder to work with and they began to treat us very poorly, especially considering that we are a small family business.  Amongst many other (I have to say pretty shocking things) that I won’t bore you with they charged us a percentage of their TYLER & TYLER sales every year, which effectively meant we were paying them for the privilege of being in their stores.

Prior to the beginning of each season they would send us an order forecast and by the start of the season we were expected to have the forecasted stock on the shelf ready to supply, but as part of their terms there was no obligation for them to take all the stock and honour the forecast.  The risk really was all on us.

The margins they wished to make became increasingly impossible for us to meet with our prices.  In 2016 their demands on our pricing became for us as a business financially unviable – they wanted us to virtually supply them at cost.  The Buying Team had what I can only describe as a “Do or Die” conversation with me.  We couldn’t meet their demands and we were discontinued with immediate effect. 

The end of the relationship meant that we were left with a lot of stock, which they had no obligation to take from us.  Here we are 7 years on from our parting of company with this retailer and we are still left with stock! 

To be completely honest we need to shift this stock.

We pride ourselves on the fact we have been manufacturing in Birmingham, England since 1908.  We employ a team of incredibly skilled craftspeople.  The overheads of running our factory are huge.  So, to still be carrying this stock is a burden on TYLER & TYLER.

This is where I am asking for your help!  Below you will see what is left of this stock and we are offering it all at heavily discounted prices of up to 70%.  By purchasing product from “The Big Help Sale” you will help insure the future of TYLER & TYLER.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes

Richard Tyler - Director

38 products

38 products