TYLER & TYLER Sustainability? Nothing new to us!

TYLER & TYLER Sustainability.  Fashion is a huge contributor to damaging the world we live in.  Over 10 million tons of clothing end up in landfills ever year.  Fashion has become dominated with waste.
TYLER & TYLER Sustainability

As businesses and individuals we need to take more responsibility.

Of course with what TYLER & TYLER do we are part of the fashion industry.

People are demanding that the world of fashion becomes sustainable.  Many companies are now addressing sustainability and promoting their plans and actions.

However, sustainability is nothing new to TYLER & TYLER.  TYLER & TYLER comes from the stable of a manufacturing company that has been established for over 100 years.  Our Birmingham factory has been operating with sustainability at its heart for all of this time!!

Every blazer buttoncufflinklapel chaincollar staytie clip and lapel pin in our collection is manufactured with minimum wastage.  Before stamping we trim the metal blank to the minimum size for our press machines.  Once the design is stamped into the metal and clipped the small amount of waste metal that is left is recycled back into metal strip and used by us again in our manufacturing.

All of our metal based accessories – cufflinks, lapel pin etc are hand-polished  during production– this gives a superior finish.  At the same time it also reduces the amount of energy our factory consumes.  Some of our contemporaries use a polishing process called barrelling (evident from pictures posted on social media).  This is process is used to cut costs as its not as expensive as using a skilled craftsman.   It doesn’t provide a high standard of finish.  Barrelling involves leaving the items you wish to polish in the machine for a considerable number of hours which uses energy.

Some of our accessories such as our Heraldic Lapel Pins are cast in English Pewter.  The waste pewter from the casting process is put back into our casting pots – melted down and used again.

TYLER & TYLER Sustainability

For products outside what we produce in-house we only work with other factories in Europe and Asia that also implement sustainable practices.  Our leather for example – we buy off-cuts from our leather maker from TYLER & TYLER wallet and washbag production and use them to manufacture our Collar Stay Wallets.  We also use the off-cuts in our TYLER & TYLER Capsule Two Tone Hide Collection Cufflinks.  These turned part metal cufflinks feature a beautiful leather inlay.

Our Knitted Ties and Knitted Bow Ties are made from 100% Wool.  Wool is well known to be a sustainable material.

As we are both the designers and manufacturers of the TYLER & TYLER Collection we never carry excess stock.  We control our inventory to an optimum level.

Our packaging design is minimal with no unnecessary frilly finishing touches and produced from recyclable materials.

We keep our designs Classic.  The combination of having a Classic approach to our design with high quality production standards means our accessories aren’t fast disposable fashion or trend lead.

We like to think a TYLER & TYLER accessory will be part of your wardrobe and personal style for many years to come.