The Ghiaia Cashmere x TYLER & TYLER Collaboration

Earlier this year TYLER & TYLER had the honour of working on a collaboration with the fantastic WM BROWN Menswear/Lifestyle Magazine, designing and producing a lapel pin of the publications iconic archery target logo.  The reaction to the collaboration was amazing, introducing us to many menswear enthusiasts around the world.  Matt Hranek, Founder & Editor of WM BROWN is a personal friend of Davide Baroncini - Owner and Designer of Ghiaia CashmereOver lunch Matt gifted Davide one of the Lapel Pins – this lead to Davide discovering TYLER & TYLER and to him chatting to Richard Tyler via Instagram.

Here's what Richard Tyler had to say about the collaboration:

Although based in Pasadena the heart of  Ghiaia  lies in Italy, Davide’s home country.  I have a huge love for Italy - having Italian Great Grandparents who hailed from Pisa, I was very excited to be working with an Italian owned brand that made it’s garments in Italy.    After a short exchange of messages on Instagram Davide and I got on a video call to discuss a collaboration.  Davide and I hit it off immediately and started bouncing ideas off one another.  Davide had produced a fantastic hand illustrated sketch of his Ghiaia  Coat of Arms and showed me a great vintage crested spoon he had, which we drew inspiration from.  He also told me about his love for his Dog.  From the sketch and photo of Ciro his dog we got to work on designing a Lapel Pin and Key Ring together.

Ciro the dog

Davide has been a joy to work with.  Throughout the collaboration we have spoken regularly and have built up a great friendship. We both share the same passion for life, fashion, food, music and art.  I am relatively new to Fatherhood with my amazing 3 year old daughter Isabelle and during the collaboration Davide also became a first-time Dad to his beautiful daughter Carmela so we have had some good Dad chats along the way! 


The  Ghiaia x Tyler & Tyler Lapel Pin has been traditionally die-struck and is produced from Brass.  Each individual Lapel Pin has been hand-finished.  They feature a high quality Top Hat Clutch fitting and come in a bright gilt finish meaning they will look fantastic for many years to come.

Ghiaia x Tyler and Tyler Ciro Dog Lapel Pin
Ghiaia x Tyler and Tyler Ciro Dog Lapel Pin Reverse
Ghiaia x Tyler and Tyler Ciro Dog Lapel Pin in Presentation Box

The Ghiaia x TYLER & TYLER Key Ring has been traditionally cast and produced from Zinc Alloy.  Each key ring has been finished by hand.  Featuring a high quality Split ring and come in a bright gilt finish, again meaning it will look fantastic for many years to come.

Ghiaia x Tyler and Tyler Ghiaia Coat of Arms Key Ring
Ghiaia x Tyler and Tyler Ghiaia Coat of Arms Key Ring reverse
Ghiaia x Tyler and Tyler Ghiaia Coat of Arms Key Ring in Presentation Box

Both items have been produced by our team of highly skilled craftspeople in our Birmingham, England factory.

We have used the same production techniques in the manufacture of both the key ring and lapel pin that we have done since 1908 – we pride ourselves in the fact that we employ a significant amount of handwork and hand-finishing in our products not using mass production automated machinery.

Both the Key Ring and Lapel Pin are available exclusively on-line on the Ghiaia Cashmere Webstore.  Click the link below:

The Ghiaia Ciro Lapel Pin

The Ghiaia Coat of Arms Key Ring