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Garmology Podcast with Richard Tyler of TYLER & TYLER

One of the founding brothers behind TYLER & TYLER Richard Tyler recently sat down to talk with the brilliant Nick Johannessen host of the Garmology Podcast.

In this fascinating conversation Richard and Nick discuss the origins of TYLER & TYLER, the trials and tribulations of being a British Manufacturer, design inspirations, sustainability, Men’s Accessories and of course Menswear/Men’s Style.

Richard also chats about recent projects like the TYLER & TYLER Negroni Time Anytime Accessories Collection and their recent collaboration with Menswear magazine WM BROWN.

About the host


Nick Johannessen is a highly respected authority on Menswear and Men’s Style. He is the Editor of Well Dressed Dad Blog. His particular expertise are in ethical and sustainable fashion, tweed, vintage and denim.

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