SR Journal and TYLER & TYLER Cufflinks

SR Journal TYLER & TYLER Cufflinks


We were really honoured to recently have a pair of our TYLER & TYLER Capsule Bold Polka Sky Hand-Enamelled Cufflinks featured in a stunning illustration by the brilliant Menswear Illustrator SR Journal

TYLER & TYLER Capsule Bold Polka Sky Cufflinks
The illustrator behind SR Journal is the very talented Sarmilla.  Sarmilla has always been involved in the Menswear industry, having studied as a Menswear Designer at St. Martins and RCA.  She started producing her digital illustrations at the beginning of the first Covid lockdown last year and we have been a fan of her instagram page ever since!
TYLER & TYLER Capsule Bold Polka Sky Cufflinks Side View

On chatting to Sarmilla we learnt that her illustrations are actually drawn using her finger - now that's what we call talent!

What really caught our eye is the really fluid, flowing style of SR Journal illustrations.  Its the fluidity of the lines that really give life to the illustrations and gives them their uniqueness.  Sarmilla also employs the use of bold splashes of colour which really draws the eye in.

If you are a fan of menswear and great illlustrations give SR Journal a follow on instagram.  Sarmilla also offers a commissioned service.


TYLER & TYLER Capsule Bold Polka Sky Cufflinks on shirt cuff