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Here at TYLER & TYLER we live and breath menswear – designing and manufacturing Mens’ Accessories is our true passion.

The brilliant Aleks Cvetkovic is the Mastermind behind HandCut Radio.  We first came across Aleks when he was a fulltime writer for The Rake.  Aleks has an amazing knowledge of menswear, mens fashion and style.  What we love about him is his passion for British Brands – especially those who make in the UK.

HandCut Radio

Another thing we admire in Aleks is he is he is a journalist who does his homework, all his work is done with passion and importantly he only covers things that he genuinely likes.  To put it simply it’s honest.  This approach is a real breath of fresh air and a real step away from traditional fashion journalism.  Many journalists are sadly tied to only writing about fashion brands who spend on advertising with them – which leads to many great brands getting completely overlooked.

After enjoying Aleks’ written musings we were excited to see him announce the launch of HandCut Radio on his Instagram page in 2019.  HandCut Radio offers a brilliant podcast series of Aleks in conversation the world’s leading figures in Men’s Style.

The podcasts provide great mix of insight, humour, honesty and inspiration.  For us hearing what makes the minds tick behind the brands we admire is a great thing indeed!

Our favourites to date:

Jamie Ferguson – Menswear Photographer

In our book the most talented documenter of the world of men’s style.  Jamie released his book “This Guy” last year.  If you would like to purchase this menswear must read you can buy a copy from Amazon

Not only a great photographer Jamie is a very approachable nice guy.  We’ve only had a couple of brief chats with him at Pitti Uomo – so this podcast was a great insight into Jamie’s work and views.

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David Gandy – Model/Menswear Expert and businessman

We have always been huge fans of Mr Gandy’s sartorial style.  His classic approach to how he dresses really captures true British Style.  This brilliant interview takes you on a journey of Mr Gandy’s fascinating career and gives insight to where he thinks the future of Menswear lies.

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Benjamin Glyn Phillips – Drake’s No 9 Savile Row

We consider Drake’s to be at the forefront of British Menswear.  Ben is a lovely genuine guy – we’ve had some great Instagram chats with him about music (another passion of TYLER & TYLER).  This is episode in the perfect mix menswear and music chat so this for us is a real gem.

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Mark Cho – Co-Founder of The Armoury

For us The Armoury is a standout American Menswear retailer.  The Buying Team are always easy to spot at Pitti Uomo with their impeccable style.  To hear the story and thoughts of the man behind this fantastic business is a real joy.

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Patrick Grant – British Menswear Designer

Patrick Grant is a real hero to us.  This interview gives a great insight into Mr Grants career from how he got into tailoring through spotting a ‘Tailors For Sale’ advert in the national press when he was at uni to where he is now.  We love Grant’s latest business venture Community Clothing  a very clever business model that supports British Fashion Manufacturers.  We aren’t ashamed to admit that we are big fans of The Great British Sewing Bee either!

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Gauthier Borsarello – Menswear Designer & Journalist

HandCut opened our eyes to the world of Gauthier in this brilliant interview.  Gauthier provides a very honest no holes barred view on Menswear and Personal style.  For us this interview certainly delivered a lot of food for thought.

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Michael Hill Creative Director Drake’s

Michael Hill is the heartbeat of Drake’s – to us he is Drake’s.  Michael’s creativity and savvy business head has skyrocketed Drake’s to where it is today.  Many brands in Menswear, particularly British Menswear – including us aspire to be like Drakes.  A real joy to hear about Michael’s menswear journey and to hear about his philosophy behind Drake’s.

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James Sleater – Co-Founder Cad & The Dandy

James is a good friend of TYLER & TYLER.  In our book he is the future of the legendary Savile Row. James has really shook up The Row with Cad & The Dandy he embraces its heritage, but has taken a truly modern approach to bespoke tailoring  which in essence has made it more accessible – this is a huge contrast to many of the tailoring houses who are that steeped in tradition feel very closed door.  This conversation showcases James at his best with a great balance of his honesty and fantastic humour.

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Matt Hranek – Founder Of Wm. Brown Magazine

Wm. Brown Magazine is a superb magazine that really focuses on lifestyle with a menswear slant.  Great to hear Matt’s journey from photographer to finding the magazine.  Matt is a lovely guy – and we all know in the industry he puts on the best parties at Pitti Uomo at the iconic Harry’s Bar.  If you are a foody check out Matt’s Instagram feed – he does some serious home cooking!

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Nicolas Gabard – Founder of Husbands

We have to admit we know little about Parisian Tailoring and we are ashamed to admit we didn’t know about Husbands so this interview was a journey of discovery for us.  Nicolas’ philosophy on style and menswear has clearly shaped Husbands into a standout Parisian tailoring house.

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HandCut Radio will be launching its 4th Season in due course, but fear not you have not missed out!! You can visit to listen to all past seasons.

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To conclude “Stylish Folk” (a term Aleks addresses his listeners with) you need to get onto this!!