How do I button up my Blazer Buttons?

TYLER & TYLER Double Breasted Blazer with Blazer Buttons

So, you’ve purchased your set of TYLER & TYLER Blazer Buttons and you’ve had them sewn onto your favourite Blazer.  The next style question to tackle is how should you button yourself up?

The main rule of thumb used in both etiquette and tradition is to never fasten the bottom button.  This is really about practicality as opposed to style.  By not buttoning the bottom button your blazer will not ride up when you take a seat, it will also prevent the button holes from pulling.  The remaining fastened blazer buttons will pull in your silhouette when standing and create a slimmer image. 

You can of course leave your blazer is various states of open, but we feel this is a matter of the occasion and style.

If you are going somewhere fairly casual a single breasted blazer can look great with a pair of jeans or chinos.  Just doing up the top button creates a casual look, but still shows-off the fit, structure and cut of the jacket.

A formal event such as a wedding, whether it be a single or double breasted jacket you should always have the buttons done up (apart from the bottom).

If you are someone who likes to wear their shirts untucked for a casual relaxed style – your blazer must follow suit, so leave it open do not button it.  A buttoned up blazer with a shirt hanging out the bottom is not a good look for any occasion!

If wearing a t-shirt or a classic Breton stripe top we would suggest leaving the buttons open.  This helps add a flash of colour and texture to your style and creates a great casual look.

Let’s be honest most guys weight does fluctuate – it happens to the best of us!  If your blazer is slightly too small for you in fit do not button it up.  A visible strain on the buttons and blazer fabric really is a no no!

To put buttoning simply…..

One button blazer – button when standing.  Unbutton when seated.

Two button blazer – top button always done up.  Bottom button always unbuttoned.

Three button blazer – top two buttons always done up.  Bottom button always unbuttoned.

Double Breasted blazer – all buttons done up accept for the bottom right button.

The same rule applies for Waistcoats – always leave the bottom button open.

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