TYLER & TYLER Capsule Icons Cufflink Collection

TYLER & TYLER Capsule Icons Cufflinks Murdoch Black

TYLER & TYLER's Capsule Icons Cufflink Collection bring you cufflinks like no other! 

Capsule Icons  has been designed to celebrate out city's amazing heritage.  Long know as "The City of a thousand trades", Birmingham played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution.

Following in this tradition, this range of precision engineered cufflinks have been named after some of Birmingham's greatest iconic engineers; Bolton, Watt, Murdoch, Baskerville and Chamberlain.  (To find out how each engineer is represented in our designs click on the cufflink name).

Each cufflink has been individually manufactured by us in-house in our Birmingham factory using a combination of state of the art technology and traditional techniques including hand-finishing. 

Produced from aircraft grade aluminium and coated with a hard wearing high-tech protective finish. You will see that these cufflinks are immensely strong and hard wearing, yet feather light to wear.

The cufflinks are made to last and will look fantastic for years to come, making them part of your sustainable wardrobe.

When we say feather light see the video below to demonstrate what we are talking about!!!

The first pair of cufflinks featured are a pair of a TYLER & TYLER base metal cufflinks - weighing in at 20g, followed by a pair of TYLER & TYLER Capsule Icons cufflinks weighing in at only 9g.